Martes, 11 de diciembre de 2007
Como lo leen, Britney Spears es lo mejor del a?o para MTV, aqu? les dejo los conteos.

Best of 2007 | Artists

01 Britney Spears
Before 2007, Britney Spears was just your average Mouseketeer-to-Mom blonde pop star with over 83 million albums sold, and a couple of divorces and babies under her belt. But after her shocking performance at the 2007 VMAs, the hair clippers incident, more legal woes than Enron, and one of her most risqu? videos yet, 2007 will forever go down in history as The Year Of Spears.

02 Akon
03 T-Pain
04 Rihanna
05 Fergie
06 50 Cent
07 Avril Lavigne
08 Beyonc?
09 Fall Out Boy
10 Chris Brown

Tambi?n encabeza...

Best of 2007: Vegas VMA Performances

01 Britney Spears
02 Chris Brown
03 Alicia Keys
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