Martes, 14 de agosto de 2007
El ex bailarin y core?grafo de Britney, Brian Friedman, le ha respondido a un usuario de los OSDIA Forums, qui?n le preguntaba si est? trabajando para Britney. Esto fue lo que Brian le respondi?

?Hola. En realidad no estoy trabajando con Britney, pero alguien muy cercano a mi si, y te puedo asegurar que ella est? en buenas manos. Yo estoy ocupado en otros proyectos?


?????? Original Message ??????
From: Erick
Date: Aug 12, 2007 12:55 PM

Hey, firstable i wanna thank u because ur just takin some time to read this, i wanna say that u completely rock on your dance moves, my god when i see videos of you dancing and choreographing is like.. wow! my skin goes like pig haha.. and is because ur completely awesome, my name is Erick and i?m from Mexico, and believe me, even i live far away, i know u and a lot do too!
Obviously i know u more because all britney fans know that u are such a great dancer that worked with brit, and that even that ur a really close good friend, we love britney like.. wow! i love her like u don?t have no idea, and im just wonderin? if ur workin or helpin? her bringing her back.. im just worried about all the gossip and the crap that is on the magazines, and im wonderin if ur going to work with her on her new videos, and her performances and stuff.. i mean, really u gotta work with her, just thinkin that i?ll se you with her on tv and stuff, my eyes goes likee.. woww!! and my smile hehe.. ok, i just wanna know if ur still in touch with her, and if u still work with her too.. i really appreciate the fact that u read this, and believe me, u rock! ur hot, and everything, oh.. and all the pics with sean, wow ! thats hot hehe.. i hope ur doing well

xoxo from mexico


Muchas gracias a britneylover (Erick) de los OSDIA Forums.
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