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Ha salido a la luz una lista con los discos confirmados y por confirmar para el 2007 y en esa lista aparece la cantante Britney Spears.

?Untitled by Duran Duran
?Untitled by Mateo Guapo
?Untitled by Gavin DeGraw
?Trey Day (album) by Trey Songz
?Free At Last by Freeway - (January 2)
?Beautiful Awakening by Stacie Orrico - (January 16)
?Contact by Thirteen Senses
?Our Impact Will Be Felt by Sick of It All (tribute album) (January 23)
?Physical Education by Brooke Valentine
?Wincing the Night Away by The Shins
?Untitled by Ashley Tisdale
?Untitled by Lifehouse (band). A rumoured title is Mr. Tumnus.
?Cheri Dennis by Cheri Dennis
?The Nacirema Dream by Papoose
?Liberation by M?a
?Get Money, Stay True by Paul Wall
?Casually Smashed to Pieces by The Six Parts Seven

?Untitled by Fall Out Boy - (February 6)
?Ridin' High by 8 Ball & MJG - (February 6)
?No Ordinary Girl by Jordan Pruitt - (February 6)
?A Weekend In The City by Bloc Party - (February 6)
?The Ultimate Victory by Chamillionaire - (February 7)
?The American Dream by (Mike Jones) - (February 14)
?Simple Mind Condition by Trouble - (February 20)
?Cities by Anberlin
?Untitled by Chevelle
?Chicago XXXI by Chicago [citation needed]
?I'll Sleep When You're Dead by El-P
?Untitled by Fall Out Boy
?Swift & Changeable by Ghostface Killah and MF DOOM
?Untitled by Hilary Duff
?Untitled by Kaiser Chiefs
?Untitled by Kelly Clarkson
?Untitled by Miranda Lambert
?Untitled by Ozzy Osbourne
?My Story by Kelly Rowland
?Make Another World by Idlewild

?Five Score and Seven Years Ago by Relient K - (March 6)
?Ready to Fly by Angela Via
?Good Morning Revival by Good Charlotte
?The Untold Story by Usher
?Red Gone Wild by Redman

?Part Two by Throbbing Gristle - (April 1)
?Untitled by Tori Amos

?Blank Canvas by Natasha Bedingfield

!!! Albums to be Announced !!!

Artist To be released with other information

The band's new album is rumored to be a double album.

A new album was to be released in 2006, but guitarist Joe Perry announced that it would not be recorded and released until this year as they are currently touring with M?tley Cr?e.

Against Me!
Signed on to Sire Records to record major label album for sometime in 2007.

Alice in Chains
First studio release since their 1995 self-titled album. Drummer Sean Kinney has said in an interview that he would be interested in writing new material, but it is unclear if their new singer William DuVall, the replacement of the late Layne Staley, will record it.

First album with the Among the Living line-up since 1990's Persistence of Time.

Arctic Monkeys
Early/Mid 2007

Armored Saint
First studio release since 2000's Revelation. There are some fans expecting a new Armored Saint album, but singer John Bush has not revealed any plans for it.

Early/Mid 2007

Avenged Sevenfold
The band revealed plans to record a new album early this year.

Avril Lavigne
First half LP to be full of upbeat songs, with a glam image instead of punk, and rockier songs to be produced by husband Deryck Whibley.

Bad Religion
Drummer Brooks Wackerman recently announced that a new album will be released around mid/late 2007

Britney Spears

Early/Mid 2007 Dance, Ballads, Introspective, and Club music

February Chevelle is currently in the writing process, and will record/master their album to wrap up 2006

The Click Five
Album announced on their Myspace speculated for 2007

Clutch Early
The band recently announced plans to record their new album in October 2006

Claiming they have a lot of material, Coldplay announces that this album will be "harder"

Chris Brown
May Has confirmed the idea of putting the album out around his birthday

Chris Cornell
His first solo album since 1999's Euphoria Morning

The Cure
Frontman Robert Smith has said that the new album might end up being a double album

First studio release since 1994's State of Shock.

First studio release since 1995's Full Speed Ahead.

Death Angel
Early Summer Bassist Dennis Pepa announced in an interview that a new album will be released this summer.

Death by Stereo
Spring Recently announced that they will begin writing the new album in the fall of 2006. It will be the band's first release with the original line-up (minus bassist Paul Miner) since 1999's If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die. Fans are expecting the album to be released in spring.

First half 2007

Dinosaur Jr.
First studio release since 1997's Hand It Over and also their first with the original line-up since 1988's Bug.

The band was promising a follow-up to 2002's Down II in 2006, but bassist Rex Brown claims that a new one would most likely surface as soon as January of this year.

Dream Theater
Spring/Summer 2007

Fall Out Boy
Early 2007 Done with recording process. Tentative release date set for February 6th, 2007.

50 Cent
Anticapted release in January.

Gorilla Biscuits
First studio release since 1989's Start Today. The band recently reunited and are rumored to release a new full-length studio album.

Green Day
Recently went back into the studio to write/record a new album.
Hawthorne Heights Late Will be going to the recording studio in February for a release estimated in Late 2007

Ill Ni?o
Spring 2007

Information Society
Mid/Late 2007 Paul Robb announced that Information Society reunited with 2 new members and a possible album called Synthesizer will come

Mid-2007 First release on Capitol Records.

Jimmy Eat World
Early/Mid-2007 Reported on Myspace to be in the studio, being more and more hinted for a first quarter release.

Judas Priest
The band claims that their new album will be a "nostradamus concept album".

Alicia Keys
Working will begin in late 2006, early 2007 expected release date.

Linkin Park
Early Delayed from late 2006 to "very early 2007", likely January or February.

The Mars Volta
This will be their fourth studio album in five years.

matchbox twenty
Are set to to release a new album sometime this year. Frontman Rob Thomas has already began writing.

Meat Puppets
First studio release since 2000's Golden Release. The album will be their first release with original bassist Cris Kirkwood since 1995's No Joke! and also the first to feature Tim Alexander (of Primus) as the replacement of original drummer Derrick Bostrom.

The album was scheduled for release on October 31,2006. In August 2006, frontman Dave Mustaine recently told Billboard.com that the album has been pushed back to early 2007. "We're putting the finishing touches on it," Mustaine told Billboard.com. "We've got a little more work before it's finished, but it should be out some time next year.

Michael Jackson
the most expected album of the year it has been announced to be released in late 2007.

Mandy Moore
late 2007

Nine Inch Nails
Frontman Trent Reznor said he has enough material for a new album, which will likely contain songs that had not appeared on With Teeth. [8] A new album was previously scheduled for release in spring 2006, but has recently been delayed until sometime this year.

As the band often releases an album every two years, there are fans expecting a new album to be released this year.

First studio album since 1991's Trompe le Monde.

Spring 2007..

First full-length studio release since 1999's Antipop and also with original drummer Tim "Herb" Alexander since 1995's Tales from the Punchbowl.

Touring new material for the album, these versions as played live have been made available across the internet. A likely title is "Down is the New Up", also a title of one of the new songs.
Rush Early First studio release since 2002's Vapor Trails.

First studio release since 2001's Poets & Madmen. Probably it will be followed by Savatage's disbanding.

May 2007

The Smashing Pumpkins First studio release since 2000's MACHINA/The Machines of God. The band recently announced that they are currently recording their new album

Story of the Year

Styx (band)

Sum 41
Summer First release without original guitarist Dave Baksh

The band began recording in October 06 for summer release

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