Jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2005
Britney Spears va a sacar muy pronto un nuevo juego en donde podr?s ganarte premios como Grammys si cantas bien, buenas presentaciones y si sales muy bien tomada para los Paparazzis. El juego al parecer tendr?a 15 niveles de juego diferentes.

Aqui les dejo toda la Informaci?n original en ingl?s:

New joint project from "Qplaze-RME" and "Sony BMG". Help a beginning signer, Britney, to conquer a complicated world of show business by collecting all her Grammy Awards and thus having her name engraved on the Alley of Stars. It's not easy to do. For all those who are called unlucky envy her and try to prevent her from achieving her goal. Old housewives are just against everything new, homeless people hate her for being rich, punks just don't like pop music. Of course, there are fans but they are more harmful than useful: they are in the way all the time and try to cut a piece of Britney's clothes with scissors. And the omnipresent paparazzi strive to dazzle the singer with flash bulbs.
But it is well known that if you see your aim and try to reach it, obstacles are nothing! Go ahead, show business is not too frightening and Hollywood with its Alley of Stars is even closer than you can imagine!
Game features:
Control Britney and pass 15 levels (in a park, a city, a concert hall), collecting at each level one Grammy Award and thus have your name engraved on the Alley of Stars.
- two kinds of weapon: stars and a deafening scream
- seven different bonuses:
- disks and microphones - to increase your score
- grapes, ice-cream and bananas - to restore health
- hearts - to increase the number of lives (primarily there are 3 of them)
- glasses - a temporary bonus - to protect from the flash produced by paparazzi
- Grammy Award - you have to find this statuette to pass the level
- six different kinds of enemies:
- old housewives hit with bags
- homeless people approach and kick Britney (they hate her for being rich)
- dogs bite
- paparazzi take photos (and dazzle with a flash)
- fans try to cut a piece of Britney's clothes with scissors to keep it in their collection
- punks kick (they don't like pop music)
- and many other different things which either help or prevent you from reaching the end of the game...
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