Lunes, 04 de julio de 2005
Media Orchard realizo un listado de las mejores frases de algunos famosos y por supuesto Britney no podia faltar ella se encuetra en el puesto # 5 con la siguente frase...

esta es la lista completa
1. Tom Cruise. "Matt?Matt?Matt!!" And he?s supposed to be making the case AGAINST Ritalin?

2. Michael Jackson. The caboose that just keeps crashing.

3. Courtney Love. Needs attention like most people need oxygen.

4. Ashlee Simpson. They aren?t booing?they?re chanting "Ashlee, Ashlee!"

5. Britney Spears. en su Show dio a conocer su lado salvaje y dijo: "El sexo es muy bueno. Nuestro sexo es genial. Tengo sexo 3 veces al dia" Pero quien cuenta ...

6. Mariah Carey. All that glitters is not gold lame.

7. Robert Blake. Like Michael, he?s again free to roam the earth. Those Southern California prosecutors are a crack squad, aren?t they, O.J.?

8. Anne Heche. It happened in 2000 so it?s kind of old news now but?what beats showing up whacked-out at a complete stranger?s house, asking to take a shower and then telling the cops that you are God and will return everyone to heaven in your spaceship?

9. Kobe Bryant. From Goody Two-Shoes to Shoeless Joe before our very eyes. Time to get your Zen on, Phil.

10.Lindsay Lohan. OK, so she hasn?t actually had a meltdown yet. But it?s
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